Jumped out of a plane...


New Bike Day

Fuji Track frame, Design by Shepard Fairey. Sooo lovely...


Luigi HIP

A shot from the first Luigi HIP photoshoot. New site is up at

Get ridden.

Ian Buccholz'z new bike. He went over the handlebars the first day he had it, but we polished it up that night for the shoot! The bike is so high-end you can balance it and it won't fall over. EVER.

yeah right.

keep cool.

Get inside of a meat locker, Dummy!


Wear Your Helmet, Kids...

So I've had a good luck streak this week... I dropped my camera lens in a river, I got hit by a Dodge Durango which totaled my bike, and my car stereo got stolen! Crikey! What did I do to deserve this killer kharma?! Sheesh.

Oh yeah, and the guy who hit me tried to get back in his car and drive off; not even an apology! So I walked over and ripped his front license plate off. Don't do that, kids...



Went exploring last night with Thos and the Kwans. I was ready to throw up after climbing to the top of this smokestack. It makes you appreciate living when you feel like you are on the edge of dying! haha

Robstock 2008!

August 2nd marked the 6th Annual Robstock in Whiteneyville, Maine! Our car left at midnight on Thursday night and arrived at Rob's abandoned cabin around 7:30 AM on Friday morning.

Our tent consisted of a camo tarp and packing blanket, it rained 3 days straight, and Steve jumped the fire pit on a minibike! No matter the distance, Robstock never fails to deliver the best time of the summer...


Above Boston

Worked on a shoot yesterday at a rooftop pool overlooking Boston.
I finally found out where the rich, overweight, twenty-somethings like to work on their tans. Seth Schrage and I.

Hips Like Cinderella...

I've been trying my hand at high-end product photography.
Last night it was this Chanel watch...


Warm Nights

I've got that itchy trigger finger brought on by crystal clear blue skies. I've been shooting every night for the past 4 nights! This warm weather and late sunsets is too good to let slip by...


Back from Cali roadtrip

Oy VE!

It's been a long week and a half! Went to NewYork to shoot John "TheMan" Reeves for an article coming out in AUTOMATIC mag. Then flew out to San Francisco and drove the northern route back to Boston.

Photos from going cross the ol' USA posted later tonight...


Ian McKay/ Ian Milner

Let's try this again. This blog will have to do until the blog on my newest site is completed...

Last night I got to meet talk with and shoot Ian McKay, lead singer of MInor Threat! I was honored to meet this huge influence of mine but also relieved to be able to talk to him like a normal human being. I explained to him how as I grew older I was trying to bridge the gaps between my heroes and me and to shoot Polaroids of all of these heroes. He joked that I better hurry up before either 1. I grow up (he was joking!) or 2. the world runs out of Polaroid film! I will post some shots of Ian in a few days...

I shot Julie in Skull Candy headphones last week and tonight I'm shooting some fashion shots with Gillian. Also shot Crazy Chris this week and Ian Milner last week shreddin' the frankenstein miniramp. Those will turn up in the new online port next month...

Today is going to be 69 degrees! Hot DAMN that first summer day feels so good.