Wear Your Helmet, Kids...

So I've had a good luck streak this week... I dropped my camera lens in a river, I got hit by a Dodge Durango which totaled my bike, and my car stereo got stolen! Crikey! What did I do to deserve this killer kharma?! Sheesh.

Oh yeah, and the guy who hit me tried to get back in his car and drive off; not even an apology! So I walked over and ripped his front license plate off. Don't do that, kids...



Went exploring last night with Thos and the Kwans. I was ready to throw up after climbing to the top of this smokestack. It makes you appreciate living when you feel like you are on the edge of dying! haha

Robstock 2008!

August 2nd marked the 6th Annual Robstock in Whiteneyville, Maine! Our car left at midnight on Thursday night and arrived at Rob's abandoned cabin around 7:30 AM on Friday morning.

Our tent consisted of a camo tarp and packing blanket, it rained 3 days straight, and Steve jumped the fire pit on a minibike! No matter the distance, Robstock never fails to deliver the best time of the summer...